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All You Should Know About Character Development.

You can basically put down the ideas you want to express in a novel in a few sentences. Despite that, there is the issue of a lead character. You can decide on the name very easily but remember that you have to develop the character fully. The bestsellers will most definitely have characters people can relate to. This is something that you should always bear in mind whether you are writing a futuristic genre, allegory or just fantasy. The best superheroes are those that are knowable. The lead character has to be introduced as early as possible. This does not mean the vague idea of him but rather making an introduction using their names. The lead character should take the stage first and the name might help shape how the readers seem him. Just like you would take time to name your newborn, the name of the lead character ought to be interesting and also memorable. You want to avoid names that are outrageous or even quirky. Complicated and outrageous names are to be left for melodramas. Make sure the name sheds light on the character. People will forget typical names very easily. You need to think about ethnicity when naming characters as well.

Ensure the name you have chosen is not just historically correct but also accurate in terms of geography. You should also make an introduction of the characters to the readers. You can have a clear picture of the main character in your mind but this is not something you should be forcing on your readers. To form a clear picture of the character in their minds, readers need to know their physical measurements, the color of their eyes and even hair. When you make such aspects as a separate element then the novel might lose an appeal. These are aspects which might be brought about as the character takes part in various things or even through dialogue. By just giving hints, the reader will be in a position to envision how he or she wants the lead character to look like.

The backstory is very crucial when you are writing the first chapter. You need to go deep when writing this backstory. Include the place of birth, the parents and the time. You can give your lead character siblings if need be and they should be accompanied by names and their ages. The lead character might be attending school and you ought to decide the level. You may also discuss other important issues in the character’s life like his or her worldview, friends, spiritual life, goals, and also income.

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