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In any organization, there has to be a human resource manager whose major role revolved around the work force in the organization. In relation to upholding the organizations interests, the human resource managers checks whether the employees are making full use of the time when they are in the organization as well as making sure that they have a clear description of what they should be doing which is essential for accountability. on the other hand, they also look not the need of the employees where they negotiate for the considerations the employees will receive and other matters that face them. The Human resource thus works closely with the finance department to ensure that the employees are working as expected and thus are paid as agreed.

The work of the human resource department may be quite tedious and it involves a lot of documentation in work contracts and time sheets and tracking of the hours each individual employee puts in. In this regard, some software have been made to help reduce the data that the human resource has to handle since it is presented to them in soft copy. This means that the employees create the date online which the human resource personal receive and assess in real time. The other advantage of this software is that it can track the hours that a person works which is important data to the human resource manager.

The software has been improved to make it compatible for use as a mobile app. The systems is synchronized with the payment system which allows the person to also access their payment detail. Even though this software is human resource-based, it is connected to the payroll system which makes each employee to look through their payment details with ease. The software captures other aspects of payment such as the retirement details as well as the deductions due. The software is particular helpful in tracking the use of their cards to transact their accounts which helps them be more accountable for their money.

The software ensures data security by having a portal though which each person signs in to log in to their account. The portal is made to have four types of users, employees, practitioners, system administrators and managers depending on the role that a person plays and they can only as one type of user. The type of user that one choses to sign is as is dictated by the role they play I the organization such that the persons who ensures that the system is running as needed will sigh in as a system administrator while the human resource manager will sign is the manager cause their job expects them to be supervising what other people are doing.

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